Controllers for ground vehicles and robots

Controllers for ground vehicles and robots designed by SOTICOL Robotics Systems perform optimal motion planning taking into account kinematics & dynamics constraints and static & dynamic obstacles. They are composed of an innovative modular architecture and a high level of integration.

Functional capacities

Our autopilots have a full control with fault tolerant over the platform. They include the following elements:

  • Multi-process modular control system with distributed functionality (motion planning, communications and monitoring).
  • Advanced Auto-Localization instrumentation in order to reach milimetric accuracy. [OPTIONAL]
  • Sensorial fusion advanced system using different laser, sonar, infrared, etc. [OPTIONAL]
  • Real-time planning system considering possible dynamic changes in the environment or possible physical changes in the platform.

Trajectory planning

The ground platforms equipped with the controllers designed by SOTICOL Robotics Systems can be directed by means of the following operation modes:

  • Manual mode, where the reliability of mission depends on the ability of pilot driver.
  • Optimal autonomous mode, by means of which the platform generates optimal trajectories for reaching the goal.