SOTICOL Ground Control Station (SGCS)

The SGCS incorporates an Auto-Localization technology based on sensorial fusion between GPS positioning and inertial sensing in order to provide support to aerial platforms (approximation and landing) and ground platforms (planning and control). Supporting aerial platforms is especially useful when landing on a dynamic surface (e.g. deck of a ship).

The SGCS can be also used when changes in the mission must be done in real-time or needed to take a manual control and in this way, providing a First Person View (FPV) work mode.

SOTICOL Robotics Systems has the technology development for telemetry links. In this way, we have two different and exclusive SGCS models, even with the capacity to be adapted to the client’s required needs.

Remote Control (RC)

  • Hot-Standby: several pilots can collaborate with each other on the same mission
  • Manual and intertial control, with a 10-DOF-IMU
  • Geo-positioning using GPS
  • Datalink BVLOS 3G/4G
  • Support to navigation with an integrated speech synthesizer (English & Spanish)
  • Redundancy technique for communications and encrypted links (anti-hacking)
  • Graphical Interface for the Sense And Avoid (SAA) capacity and planning
  • Removable visor for outdoor operation
  • Safe shutdown
  • Battery monitoring
  • Battery life: 1,5h and recharge ability in operation
  • Logs storage
  • Touchscreen control: 5-inch or 7-inch display
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) for a synchonization and timing interactive

Remote Portable Station (RPS)

With a 17” screen and endowed with a great computing power, it allows us to perform processing imagery in real-time.

Also, it has the ability to schedule interactive missions in real-time through a Geographic Information System (GIS).