Indoor & Outdoor Auto-Localization

The indoor & outdoor Auto-Localization system developed by SOTICOL Robotics Systems estimates the position and orientation of the platform and it simultaneously generates the discovery of the environment by means of a 2-D or 3-D map. Even, the autopilot that embeds this capacity is able to generate optimal trajectories avoiding possible obstacles (see the right Figure).

The accuracy and characteristics of the used sensors (mainly sonars) are directly related to the quality of the achieved results. Thanks to the use of algorithms based on mathematical techniques and methods, SOTICOL RS reaches milimetric precisions with low-cost sensors.

The following figures show an exploration and discovery example performed by a ground platform using only sonar sensors in a 2-D environment. In this way, the robotic system scans two rooms and returns to origin position when the exploration completely finishes.

As an example, the discovery and mapping of a 2-D environment is shown

Functional capacities

The implementation of SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping) algorithm makes sensorial fusion using different types of sensors (infrared, sonars, imagery, etc.). In this way, the system can scan the environment and set its position even in the absence of illumination.

By means of this system, we have the ability to build a map inside an unknown perfectly environment, always keeping a traceability of the current position. Also with this innovative system, the technique of abduction can be solved.